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VHS Head
Persistence Of Vision album sampler

Three tracks for forthcoming album by VHS Head, on VHS. This one marked as number 19.

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And I can’t face the evening straight / And you can’t offer me escape/ Houses move and houses speak/ If you take me there you’ll get relief

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When the whole outfit is on point
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When the whole outfit is on point

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"Kanye’s not big on putting his Grammys up and stuff like that. They literally were like, in the laundry room just randomly in a sock drawer, all around."
Kim Kardashian on Kanye’s awards (via ultimatekimkardashian)
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More Telecaster love
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More Telecaster love

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Anonymous asked: teach me the way of skramz


it’s easy at first you’re like “sure man :) ” then slowly you start going like “how about no” then you say “i don’t wanna listen to brave little abacus today i wanna listen to my favourite album” and if they don’t like them you don’t even care you just look ahead and you see the road and it looks endless but at some point you’ll have to stop and when you stop you hug everyone and kiss someone on the cheek then you go into a basement put the merch on a table then you play songs for someone who isn’t there then you sleep on the floor listening to your third favourite band of that month then you send a text saying “everything’s good so far” then after two weeks you go home and you turn the stereo on then you eat something you see how many people wrote you on facebook but you take a while to reply then you think about leaving again but you have to study/work so you quit your job or postpone your exam cause you don’t need money or grades because skramz is not for slaves skramz is for lovers.

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